Hanne Deneire
Impact Composer

Hanne lives through music. 
Creativity is her oxygen, entrepreneurship her vehicle.
With music she connects the dots in life: 
artistic challenges, existential questions, human issues, 
societal conflicts, with the aim to create beauty. 

From 2023 she has an exclusive VIP training for professional musicians 
to develop their entrepreneurship & complete their musical pedagogical skills.

Her new book "Growing through Music" is almost ready!

"Every creation process connects me with myself and a deeper sense of being.
Every composition is a reflection of an inner moment with myself and how I experience the universe."
Besides composing I need HUMAN CONNECTION and aim GROWTH of HUMANITY.
The last 25 years I collaborated worldwide with young and old, highly gifted or people with disabilities, 
amateurs or professionals, a city or a small community in the field of music, health care, education and business.
Therefore my TRAININGS are so important to make CREATIVE & SOCIAL IMPACT with other professional musicians.

Mission & Vision of Hanne

 Hanne trains professional musicians through her methods & vision. More than 100 musicians from some 15 different countries have followed her training programs.
Hanne worked as a music therapist in 2007 and developed in collaboration with Expertise Center Dementia Flanders and experts worldwide and caregivers worldwide a platform & inspiring training.
With her Mycelium Music Project Hanne makes the combination of music, art, public space and interaction with audience. Like mycelium connects under or in the earth, we can also connect between people.
Contemporary Music Theatre: "Bonaparte"
Music Theatre by Hanne & Tom Lanoye. Teamwork commissioned by Antwerp Spring Festival. Created by Vlaamse Opera Orkest, conductor Alexander Joel & Soloist Stefaan Degand.
"Musicalizing Education: Children are Composers"
Started in 1996 with highly gifted children, Now a worldwide method for teaching music in a playful and creative way, through composing their own songs, from the first lesson.
Music develops you from birth: Babymusic
This research started in 2008 when she was a professor at the Conservatory of Antwerp. Nowadays she trains musicians and inspires parents and newborns of all cultures weekly.

LISTEN to her music 

Hanne composed RANA for her Bass Clarinet Teacher, Jan Guns. 
This recording is made on his tour through Japan in Tokyo.
Hanne Composed VOILA for HERMESensemble when she was composer in residence. This recording is made by Marc Tooten.
Hanne Composed NEST for theater De Spiegel. 
A children's (0-y3) performance has travelled worldwide for 5 years.
Bout'chou: music by Deneire & Bach performed by Eliot Lawson & Hanne Deneire made for Philharmonie de Luxembourg. 

Hanne's daily life.

Improvising on Bass Clarinet
Giving trainings worldwide
Rehearsing with performers
Develop educative material

BOOKS written by Hanne 

Through the written language of books, Hanne would like to inform and stimulate 
the world of music, health care and education in a creative way .

Music & Dementia

Remembering Through Music Eng

Een andere dementie in muziek

The Voice of our Memory

De Stem van ons Geheugen

Music Initiation

Musical Adventures I, II, III

Muzikale Avonturen I, II, III

Aventures Musicales I, II, III

Short bio

Hanne studied Composition, Piano & Bass Clarinet at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp (Wim Henderickx & Luc Van Hove) 
and the Guildhall School of Music in London. When she was only 19 years old she was a laureate, 
with her first orchestra work Mitä, of the Aquarius composition competition. 
Mitä was created by the Beethoven Academie conducted by Jan Caeyers and her professional career started.

 Hanne composed for Flagey, HERMESensemble, I Solisti del Vento, Oxalys, Quince Quartet, the Philharmonic 
Youth Orchestra of Flanders, the Belgian National Radio Choir, The Flemisch Opera, and others. 
Her music is played from Belgium over the VS to Japan. 

Her cd “hommage of Hanne Deneire” In Flanders' Fields, Phaedra publisher, was awarded a Golden Label and 
Sabam gave her the Golden Poppy for “Classical music/ Chamber music” in 2011.

Besides composing music, she started at age 16, sharing her passion for music and creation through education and artistic community projects. She developed her own method "Children are Composers" in her House of Music
By the age of 19, she was already teaching Highly Gifted Children at the University of Antwerp and she received an award from the King Boudewijn Foundation for her social engagement through art a few years later.

In 2007 she started lecturing at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp in the Master's Community Art while she was working on her Ph.D mentored by the composer Luc Van Hove & Prof. Annick Schramme.

From 2016 to 2019 she participated in the Bob Proctor (PGI) programs and The Matrixx in Canada. As well as a composer, an educator and an expert in music & dementia, she was a guest in elderly houses and schools for 3 years in the United States and Canada to train and share her vision and methodologies.

In 2018 her start-up "Children are Composers " was selected for the accelerator program The Birdhouse. For six months she was mentored by Filip Smet  & Wilfried van Assche to grow as an social impact entrepreneur. 

When Hanne became 40 in the middle of covid-times she decided she wants to install Contemporary Classical Music in new daylight: more accessible, more alive, more among the people. What mycelium - the plant en tree-network in the earth - does under the ground, she wants to make visible above and connect society and human beings again.
Her Mycelium Music Installation AMI is first exposed in May in Broechem, De Boomgaard, from June - September 2022, Sint Maartenkerk Kortrijk. In December 2022 it will be exposed in Gent, Zebra for the nighoni project.

In 2022 her new music theatre piece BONAPARTE, made together with the writer Tom Lanoye, was created on the Antwerp Spring Festival by The Flemish Opera Orchestra conducted by the Alexander Joel & Soloist Stefaan Degand.

In 2023 she will compose new commissions for Festival der Voorkempen and Logos Foundation
Her Katsu Project will also be sounding again and her Mycelium Music Installation will be in SMAK.
She will also be impact composer in residence for creative projects with and in the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra.

Hanne is grateful that her music is performed worldwide by the best musicians and her music method is growing worldwide.
Hanne composed music for the movie La Belgique Martyre, 
performed by HERMESensemble
With KATSU Hanne builds the bridge between East & West. 

Hanne is the founder of House of Music Belgium, with headquarters in Antwerp. 
We work worldwide with musicians, organizations, schools, and families to grow through music!
We teach our creative vision from birth: 
babies, toddlers, teens, adults, seniors, professional musicians, and educators. 

Educational programs by Hanne

Music without limits for 2 choirs, composed by Hanne Deneire in collaboration with Dimitri Leue (text)

What do people say about Hanne?

Hanne is an engaging and passionate composer. Roll up her sleeves and action. She makes music with courage and intuition. 
And than the paradox what makes her so unique: 
Her choices and compositions are extremely intelligent. 

Dimitri Leue, Actor
I have the honor to have performed several major pieces of Hanne and to also have recorded 2 of her works. It's always a great musical experience to discover her music and to discover my voice through her music. Working with her strengthens this experience by the inspiration her music gives me, and that she gives me as a person and composer. Together we made some beautiful journeys. I also like very much that she is open to feedback when she creates a new piece so that the piece fits vocally like a second skin and feels natural.

Valerie Vervoort, Soprano
Collaborating with Hanne is every time 
a source of inspiration and an explosion of oxygen.

Koen Kessels, conductor
Hanne Deneire verricht grensverleggend werk voor personen met dementie. Ik heb Hanne prachtige prestaties zien neerzetten door emoties op te wekken bij personen met dementie en apathie. Haar werk draagt aanzienlijk bij tot de vermenselijking van (personen met) dementie.’

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Engelborghs
I have the pleasure to know Hanne on a personal and professional level rather well. She is an outstanding composer and wonderful artist. 
Not only does she have great ideas, but she also has the courage and energy to work them out till the last bit. Something very rare, nowadays.  
And did I mention her huge heart?

Eliot Lawson, violin player
I rarely met someone who combines musical toptalent with social engagement. Hanne proves that music is the connection between people.

Meyrem Almaci, Politician
Ik ken Hanne reeds uit mijn studietijd aan het conservatorium in Antwerpen. Toen kreeg ik de kans om verschillende werken van haar te creëren. Later werkte ik ook mee als pianist aan een CD met werk van haar. Haar muziek is onlosmakelijk verbonden met haar persoonlijkheid. Spontaniteit, nieuwsgierigheid en positivisme vormen steeds de kern van haar composities. Met haar samenwerken doet grenzen verleggen.

Nicolas Callot, pianist
Hanne Deneire bruist van energie en tracht met haar aanstekelijk enthousiasme mensen met dementie met muziek te betoveren. 
En ze slaagt daar wonderwel in. De connectie die vaak verloren gewaand wordt door de nabije omgeving, brengt ze terug. Ze vibreert op die manier mee met de mens met dementie. 
Met "Een andere dementie in muziek" dat ze te boek stelde, betrad ze onder meer met luistersessies in woonzorgcentra een domein dat blijft uitdagen. Telkens doet ze dit met respect voor de persoon met dementie en zijn omgeving. 

Jurn Verschraegen, Directeur Expertise Centrum Dementie Vlaanderen

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